Rotary Vial Washing Machine

The vials are rinsed with purified water to remove any remaining traces of detergent or contaminants. Depending on the machine’s configuration, the vials may be dried using hot air, compressed air, or vacuum drying methods to remove any moisture left on the vials’ surfaces. Some rotary vial washing machines may include an inspection station where the cleaned vials are inspected for any defects or remaining contaminants. Finally, the cleaned and dried vials are unloaded from the machine for further processing, such as filling, sealing, or packaging.

Vials are loaded onto the machine’s conveyor belt or rotary table manually or automatically. The vials undergo a pre-wash cycle where they are rinsed with water or a cleaning solution to remove any visible particles or contaminants. In this stage, the vials are subjected to a thorough cleaning process. This may involve multiple wash stations where the vials are washed with purified water or detergent solution, and possibly subjected to brushing or spraying to ensure complete cleanliness.