Vial Washing Machine

Automatic NBS PharmaVial Washing Machine Model LI-VRW is designed to wash glass vials without contact of non-contact machine parts with glass Vials. Automatic NBS Pharma Vial Washing Machine model is having gripper system to holds the vial from Neck and invert the vials till the washing operation takes place than again after washing process release the vial on outfeed star wheel arrangement in vertical position this ensures positive wash of vials. Our machine model is suitable to wash 2ml to 100ml Glass Vials/ Containers with the help of change parts. Glass Vial feeds through Turn Table to infeed Star Wheel and specially designed Gripper hold the Vial from neck and invert the vial and move it further on rotary moving system for Washing process.

LI-VRW model suitable for application in Pharmaceutical & Biotech Industries, The Vials traveling in neck down position above washing Needles and moves along with the Needle bar ensures maximum time for washing once the needle enters in the vial neck. Machine with Standard Six Different Washing Stations each of 6 Needle for optimum Washing and the sequence can be change as per customers specific requirement. This machine model is 0 also having external wash mechanism for optimum washing of Vials.

Rotary Vial Washing Machine

Linear Vial Washing Machine