Semi Automatic Flat Bottle Labeling Machine

SVSASL is very compact, low-cost self-adhesive label applicator. This machine is suitable to apply full/ partial self adhesive label on various size of round bottle. This Model is specially design for low production capacity for light industry.

The SVSASL can apply labels up to 160 mm in width to products of variable diameter from a minimum of 25 mm to a maximum of 110 mm.

The SVSASL operation requires the operator to manually place the object in the labelling position then activate the control lever. Roller rotates the product and applies the label until full adhesion has occurred. The sliding ball guides permit precision labelling, significantly facilitating manual product positioning operations.

The SVSASL is one of the most user-friendly, simple in construction and almost maintenance free. It applies advanced labeling agencies to ensure that the labeling accuracy.

Technical Specification : Semi Automatic Flat Bottle Labeling Machine
Output / min. 25-35 Label
Label Width 25 mm to 160 mm
Container Size Dia.: 27 to 110 mm, Height – 35 mm to 270 mm
Power Supply 1 Phase 440V, 50 Hz AC Supply