Neck Shrink Sleeve Applicator

SVNSA 100 / 200 / 300 is design to insert sleeve on cap or Neck with desired position on various size and shape of containers. This unique model is suitable for variety of industries with an opportunity to reduce labour and increase manufacturing rates.

The machine having integrating functions of delivering & classifying containers, Accurate cutting of label sleeving and proper positioning of sleeve on bottle.


VNSA 100 / 200 / 300is constructed on sturdy welded steel frame completely enclose in S.S.304/M.S. Body and all contact parts S.S.304 &aluminium alloy.

The unit consisting of sleeve roll loader-carrier assembly, conveyor bottle separating assembly, Centre pillar, Bottle positioning mechanism, Cutter mechanism, Optical scanner, controlling assembly and Brush assembly etc.

This model operates with great simplicity, high efficiency and minimal maintenance with production capacity up to 300BPM.

Salient Features
  • Rigid Structure constructed Stainless Steel and Aluminum alloy.
  • No bottle no sleeve.
  • Specifically design for Neck or Cap sleeving.
  • Speed up to 300 BPM.
  • Statics charges elimination System for accurate Sleeve placement.
  • Totally PLC control system
  • No tools required for changeovers from one size bottle to another
  • Servo based high speed with accurate length Sleeve Feeding system.
  • Precise and high-speed servo based rotary sleeve cutter system.
  • Online speed can vary &Fully synchronize with all mechanism.
  • Suitable for various shape of Glass, Plastic, Pet, Tin, Corrugated containers.
Optional Features
  • Sleeve Label Roll Empty : Machine stop with Alarm.
  • Missing sleeve label : Machine stop with alarm or online pneumatic operated product rejection system
  • Tower light: Indicate the status of process..
  • Online Printer.
Technical Data
Output per hour* Up to 100 BPM Up to 200 BPM Up to 300 BPM
Container size 28mm – 125mm, 320mm Height Max.
Length of Sleeve 30mm – 100mm
Thickness of Sleeve 0.035mm – 0.75mm
Label material PVC, PET, OPS
Sleeve roll inner dia. ≥4”(101.6mm)
Sleeve roll outer dia. 400mm
Height of conveyor** 860-910 mm
Electrical rating 1.5KW-2KW, AC380V, 50/60HZ, 3- phase
Change Parts** Center Pillar (B) Worm (C) Cutter