Conventional Coating

As a leading manufacturer of coating pan machine, we have been helping the pharmaceutical sector from a long period of time. With the help of our coating pan, the stakeholders in the pharma niche as well as in other verticals provide the best quality product to the end users. With the help of our coating pan, quality assurity of the medicines can be promised. We use superior steel variant for making the coating pan in India. We are considered among top coating pan manufacturers in India because we maintain ISO certification. We are highly regarded by our clients as we deliver world class quality products at competitive price.

In our coating pan, we provide a high degree of customization. Depending on the clients’ production and space constraints we can tweak the design and manufacture. Therefore, it is possible to provide fine quality pharma products. Despite the competition and cut-throat, we have created a niche for our products in India and overseas.

Salient Features :
  • In compliance with cGMP guidelines.
  • Also available with Standard Painted Model & for small scale laboratory purpose.
  • Conventional Coating Pan with very sturdy M.S structure made of angles & channels which are covered from all the sides by covers & doors.
  • The Coating Pan drive is through standard make heavy duty worm reduction gear box & electrical motor by means of belt and pulley drive fitted on a rigid structure. Coating Pan Speed can be changed through variable speed pulley mounted on the shaft of electric motor (AC Variable Frequency Drive – Optional with extra cost).
  • Coating Pan made of SS 304 / SS 316 or SS 316L material and mirror polished from inside & outside.
  • Baffels either welded or detachable (welded are the standard supply if not specified) provided inside the pan considering production requirements.
  • Easy mounting arrangement considering changeover of coating / polishing pan.
  • Separate mobile Hot Air Blower System is provided for easy operation.
  • Digital Temperature Controller provided with necessary temperature control device with interlocking for heater function.
  • Flame proof electrical can be provided with extra cost.
Technical Specification : Conventional Coating
MODEL 12" 18" 24" 30" 36" 42" 48" 60" 72"
Loading Capacity in Kg. 05 7 to 8 20 to 25 40 to 45 60 to 80 90 to 100 110 to 120 150 to 210 200 to 250
Motor HP 0.5 0.5 1.0 1.5 1.5 2.0 2.0 5.0 7.5
Blower HP 0.25 0.25 0.5 0.5 1.0 1.0 1.0 2.0 2.0
Blower fan Volume CFM 90 90 150 150 150 150 150 300 300
Heater Capacity in Kw. 1.0 1.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 5.0 5.0