Round Bottle Labeling Machine

SVSL 100/200/300 is a fully Round Bottle Labeling Machine. This model is suitable to apply full/partial self adhesive labels on different size of round shape container having all surfaces.

The SVSL 100/200/300 is one of the most user friendly, fully protected and almost maintenance free.

A sophisticated label dispenser system synchronizes all the labeler components, allowing the speed to be regulated with a single point and maintaining precise labeling even during start-up, stopping or slow down stages, synchronized with the entire line.

Capability of this model is labeling up to 300 BPM depending on products and label size.

Salient Features :
  • Motorized Height Adjustments.
  • Acrylic cabinet.
  • Safety Guard for Operation and Protection.
  • Specially designed hopper is to increase storage capacity of bowl.
Optional Features :
  • Label Roll Empty : Machine stop with Alarm.
  • Acrylic cabinet.
  • Missing Label : Machine stop with alarm or online pneumatic operated product rejection system.
  • Tower light : Indicate the status of process.
  • Online Printer.
  • Online Vision inspection of printing and Batch no.
  • Servomotor instead of stepper motor – for high speed application.
Technical Specification : Round Bottle Labeling Machine
Direction of Movement Left to Right
Output/min* Up to 100 – 200 – 300 Labels
Power supply 1 Phase 230V, 50Hz AC Supply