Automatic Bopp Labeling Machine

SVOPP 60/100/200 is hot melt glue OPP /BOPP labeling Machine. This label applicator is widely suitable for apply label on different material and size of container.

The SVOPP 60/100/200 has massively used modularization design concept to make it easy and quick change over one size to other size container.

The machine having advance technology gluing system. Processing of the glue is made with the role hence least glue consumption and maintenance cost.

The machine is one of the most user compatible, fully protected and almost maintenance free.

The machine suits for different industries for mineral water, soft drink, wine and others. It can stick many kinds of shape of PET bottle, such as round bottles, square bottles or others..

Salient Features :
  • No bottle No label.
  • Very smooth and easy to operate.
  • Precisely design vacuum drum from high rigid material to reduce friction and static.
  • Temperatures of the glue store can be easily adjusted by the operator screen
  • Failures of the machine can be seen on the screen along with the codes
  • Processing of the glue is made with the role and thus there is the least glue consumption and maintenance cost.
  • Modular design of change parts-Easy and quick change over
  • Easy to adjust label cutting knife.
  • Built In A.C. Freq. Drive system.
  • Suitable for Glass, Plastic, Pet bottle.
Optional Features :
  • No bottle and Jam Bottle -Machine stop.
  • lowAir and Vacuum Pressure Sensor-Machine stop.
  • Multi User Password protected system.
  • Tower light: Indicate the status of process.
  • Door open, Low Air pressure No Bottle & Jam Bottle, E-stop With Alarm system.
Technical Specification : Automatic Bopp Labeling Machine
Bottle size 30-120mm Dia.x 50 -350mm (H) PET, PE, Glass bottle ,POP can
Output/min* 60/100/200 BPM
Label Material PAPER, PP, BOPP, PVC, PE, ETC
Label Size 30-150 mm(H) x 90 -280mm(L)
Air Supply 4-6 Bar
Power supply Three phase 415V , 50Hz AC Supply